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Data driven clarity for elected officials, citizens, and professional staff.



Facts: When cities color maps for zoning or land uses they’re making a financial decision. Make those decisions with confidence using the right data and appropriate analysis.



Empowered: Citizens, elected officials, and professional staff must share a common understanding of the relationship between development patterns and the budget. We facilitate that process.



Growth: With excellent analysis, planning, and communication your neighborhoods can flourish socially and financially.


City leaders need effective solutions for managing tighter budgets with growing
demands for services and infrastructure.

We want to help.

Our Process

“There is no logic that can be superimposed on the city; people make it, and it is to them, not buildings, that we must fit our plans.”

- Jane Jacobs

"With a true view all the data harmonize, but with a false one the facts soon clash."

-Aristotle, in Nicomachean Ethics

" Great effects do not always arise from great causes. Small causes especially when they provide mutual support and assistance, often manage to produce effects of the greatest significance, as much within the physical as in the moral order. The challenge, in such cases, lies in finding and identifying there small causes and knowing how to give them the importance they deserve. This cannot be improvised but is always the product of time, observation, and study." -Cerda, 1861, page 27

- Cerda, 1861, page 27


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  • "Urbex Solutions is certainly an industry leader in understanding the relationship between planning decisions and their fiscal impacts. As a former municipal budget analyst and planning administrator, I have not seen anyone do a better job bringing data and real, tangible and practical solutions to the question of how to plan and regulate for fiscal sustainability." -Justin Golbabai, Founding Principal at Common Good Community Builders
  • "The fiscal analysis presentation and detailed work performed by Felix was top-notch! His demeanor and presentation skills allow audiences to easily understand theses complex projects. His analysis methods are highly recommended and were much appreciated." -Stacey Almond