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Urbex Solutions formed from a desire to help cities practice a higher level of resource stewardship. Many cities operate with very tight budgets, often without enough revenue to pay for all the services and facilities citizens expect.

Citizens often have a difficult time understanding the city’s budget and how it relates to the development patterns they see on the ground and the city’s policies that guide the development process. We focus our efforts on illustrating the relationship between the city’s financial health and its development patterns and policies. With a clear understanding we can them help a city decide how to address budget and development policy difficulties without losing sight of the impact they have on each other.

At Urbex Solutions we’re eager to help cities with their comprehensive and strategic planning processes, drafting and amending development regulations, and building consensus between elected officials, city staff, and citizens.

Felix Landry
Founder / Principal
I've been working in the planning field for 10 years. I spent 8 years working in the public sector with a variety of cities in Texas. During that time I got to work almost every type of planning project a public side planner will encounter. In 2017, while still working on the public side, I began fulfilling private contracts on the side. That eventually transitioned into working full-time in the private sector, which is where I am today.
My move to Fort Worth and shift into the private sector revolved primarily around my interests in modeling the fiscal impacts of development patterns. I've created a variety of processes and models which can help a city understand the fiscal impact of how they choose to regulate development patterns. These processes can also work in the other direction if a city would like to cater their development regulations to desired fiscal outcomes. For any project my aim remains to help cities operate with heightened fiscal and regulatory transparency, and better resource stewardship.
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  • "Urbex Solutions is certainly an industry leader in understanding the relationship between planning decisions and their fiscal impacts. As a former municipal budget analyst and planning administrator, I have not seen anyone do a better job bringing data and real, tangible and practical solutions to the question of how to plan and regulate for fiscal sustainability." -Justin Golbabai, Founding Principal at Common Good Community Builders
  • "The fiscal analysis presentation and detailed work performed by Felix was top-notch! His demeanor and presentation skills allow audiences to easily understand theses complex projects. His analysis methods are highly recommended and were much appreciated." -Stacey Almond